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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Add Bold, Italic and Strike-through Styles in Whatsapp

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Whatsapp Inc. Recently Launched it's Beta Testing App for it's Social Networking Application Whatsapp that Will Allow you to Do a lot More things fast and in STYLE.

Some New Font styles that you can Add to your Whatsapp Message are :-
making them BOLD.

making them Italic.

and striking-through them striking-through ,

The Bold, Italic and Strike-Through Styles in Whatsapp

Another Features Will include Quick Reply, Wallpaper Selector, Multiple Selection and Quickly Adding More friends to Your Chat or Group 

Adding New Styles to Your Whatsapp Text

This Feature is Only Available in the Beta Version currently. Beta Version is not Available for Public Download it can be only Downloaded Manually. 

Making Text BOLD in Whatsapp 

To Make Text Bold in Whatsapp You should Start the Word with * and end with * 
for Example 

*WE Love ComputerSavvy* :- WE Love Computersavvy

Making Text Italic in Whatsapp 

To Make Text Italic in Whatsapp You should Start the Word with _ and end with _ 
for Example 

_WE Love Computersavvy_ :- WE Love Computersavvy 

Making Text Strike-Through in Whatsapp

To Make Text Strike-Through in Whatsapp you should start the word with ~and end with~ 
for example 

~WE Love Computersavvy~ :- WE Love Computersavvy

This Can be Used To make Your Text More Appealing and Subject Based. 
Whatever, the Situation may it be. Now You know the Secret to make Your Text More appealing in Whatsapp. 

Download the Latest Whatsapp.apk 

To Start using this You Need To Download The APK from here :- Whatsapp.apk CLICK HERE . 

I Hope you Like This New Post by me . 
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Monday, March 21, 2016

Internet Download Manager Universal Crack [IDM 6.25 Build 12]

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IDM 6.2 Build 12

IDM is the Most Downloaded and Most Popular Download accelerator of all time. So, When a New Version of IDM comes up everyone has to find the Latest Crack and for this We have brought you up an Universal Crack for IDM (brought to you by Onhax)

An Universal Web Crack . Web Crack is a new Concept of Cracks that Download and Update the Crack as soon as the Target Programme gets Updated. 

So, Whenever IDM releases a New Update. Update the Crack using the In-Built Updater. 
You can Simply Trust on this Crack because it is Provided by Onhax and it has a history of more than 3 years and regular Updates and it also has more than 10000k Downloads Worldwide. 

How To Crack ?

  1. Intsall the Latest Version of IDM or Update via Crack
  2. Turn off Your Antivirus 
  3. Download and Run IDM Universal web crack.exe
  4. Update IDM.
  5. Select IDM Installation path.
  6. Click Update IDM and Wait till the successful message shows up (click on it two times to assure it has been Cracked)
  7. Now Open IDM and enjoy Lifetime free Subscription.
Link for IDM Universal Web Crack Click here 

Comment What Other Download Accelerator You Use. 
So I can Find the Cracks for them too :) 
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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Win FREE Gadgets, Pen drives, T-shirts Using Gokano

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Gokano, is the new service for the common people like you and me, that offers free Electronics, shirts, gadgets and many more things. The easiest thing to win are the First Gift that is The 16GB PENDRIVE. Yes, you read it right, 16GB Pendrive that too for free.

How to Win Now?

To Win is like the Easiest thing on this site. Like this site earlier many used to Give free Offers but now most of them are spam, but my friends this is NOT a spam, if it was a spam would I be writing a blogpost on it. No my friends 

How To Win Easily ?

You can Collect your Daily Reward, The most Easiest Method to Win or Simply keep Answering Surveys.

What all You can Win from Gokano ?

So Next question on your mind would be What all can you win from Gokano 
and the answer is Right Below 

Prizes From Gokano

As You can see you can Easily Win iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy and the Spoiler is they Have APPLE Air 2 also
but for that you have to Stack up your Gokano Points.
and they will ship it right away at your Door Step for free . 

I Won Free Pendrive the Picture is Below.
You can be the Next Winner,


Below are the Steps to Signup and Win Prizes 
  1. Sign up for Gokano from here Click Here (there is an ad for 5 seconds after 5 seconds just click on skip ad)
  2. Now You need to Enter you Genuine Information Like Your email id, You Pin Code, your Full name and Even your T-Shirt size as they will send you free T-Shirt after you have invited 30 friends. 
  3. Please Enter Your Genuine Email ID as they Would Confirm your mail id for further reference.
  4. After you've successfully verified your email you will be redirected to your dashboard from there the game begins. 
  5. Now Complete Missions and keep Inviting Friends. 

That's All My Friends, For any Queries or Ideas Please Comment Below 
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Thank you 

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Get McAfee Internet Security 2016 Free for 6 Months

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McAfee Internet Security 2016 consists of Anti-Virus , Parental Controls , Web Safety Tools and Firewall Programme Security. 

It Helps YOU to get Rid of every type of Malicious Software that can harm your computers Health and will Surely Help You to Increase the Speed of Your Computer

mcafee internet security 2016
Interface of McAfee Internet Security 2016

Adult Control helps you to keep a limitation for the Web Use, Block sites as well as examine what sites your kids are checking out .

You can Check my other posts about various tips and tricks on windows only at 

Steps To GET the LICENSE KEY for McAfee Internet Security 2016 

  1.  Visit Their Main Site :- Click Here (wait for 5 seconds and then skip ad you will be redirected to main site. Thanks for Patience)
  2. Enter Your Email Address (they wont Spam Your Email)
  3. You Will GET the License key in your mail (wait for 2-3 minutes)
  4. Install the McAfee Internet Security 2016 in your Computer and use the License key you got in your mail 
It is Activated for 6 Months ! 

This Ends my Post 
and if it helped please Share , Like and Promote my Page Subscribe my News Letter for more interesting TIPS,TRICKS and Hacks in the Future .
Have a Safe Day 
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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Download Subway Surfer's For PC

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The most Popular game of Android that has gain more popularity than Temple Run 2 is AVAILABLE in PC too !!

This is a strategy game in which you have to run and skip Trains or else you can be hit by many things like Bush, Train , Hurdles and many more !

You just have to collect coins that's the real motive of this game , easy game and you can collect some characters too altogether very addictive game !!

Well Officially this game haven't been launched on PC but I think some one has managed to Redesign this game For Windows PC Download

Download From above.

The controls are very easy !!

Jump - Click mouse and drag UP
Move Left - Click mouse and Drag LEFT
Move Right- Click mouse and Drag RIGHT
Roll -  Click mouse and Drag mouse DOWNWARDS

Power Boost - Just Double click on mouse

Any Problem Contact Below and comment your Problem thanks 
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